Business Managed Services By HelpMyOffice

Your office technology (PCs, Macs, network equipment, and servers) needs special attention on a regular basis. You rely on it and expect it to work. There are things you can do to protect yourself and keep your computer(s) running in top condition.

  1. Keep your software updated.
  2. Run reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  3. Perform full scans on each PC on a regular basis.
  4. Monitor for hardware and software failures.
  5. Have someone look at your equipment problems as soon as they happen.

Do you remember or have time to do those things on all your equipment? Do you have the staff to take care of it? Would you rather your employees be keeping your business running instead of keeping your equipment running? When's the last time a backup was completed on your computers? If your computers crashed today, could you restore your backups?

HelpMyOffice can help you by monitoring and managing your computers and backups.

What comes with Business Managed Services?

  • Your equipment and network registered with our Managed Services software.
  • We provide you with an inventory of your computer assets as needed.
  • Remote support for registered devices.
  • Access to detailed information about your system configuration, services, and the applications running behind the scenes.
  • HelpMyOffice can quickly respond when you report a problem.
  • Preferred pricing on repair and consulting services for Managed Services customers.

  • HelpMyOffice is alerted automatically when an issue or failure occurs with your computer hardware or software.
  • Patch Management: Keep your applications and operating system updated without all the annoying popup windows
  • Managed anti-virus that is guaranteed to protect you from viruses, malware, cryptoware, and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).  Keeps all your computers updated with the latest virus definitions.

  • Data Protection: Prevent Ransomware by using a special containment system that contains all unknown programs until they are marked as "good."

Additional services that can be provided are Computer and Network Assessments and Managed Backup (local and off-site / cloud). These services can be provided at a reasonable, additional cost.