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Residential Computer Support Services

If you are an individual or a family, HelpMyOffice can help you too! See all the computer support services we offer below for residential customers and contact us for a free estimate! Most services can be provided remotely over the Internet, saving time and money!

 Service Description
PC Tune-Up / Optimization / RepairResolve slow system issues. Identify and remove spyware and viruses, configure and apply Windows updates, update anti-spyware and anti-virus definitions and software. Perform PC hardware installation and repair.
Spyware/Virus Removal Emergency surgery when you need it most!
In-home network consultationBased on client needs, determine type of network (wired or wireless), network features, equipment needed, estimated equipment cost.
Home network installationInstall network cards, router, switches, configure networking software, basic file and printer sharing. Network wiring over a distance may be subcontracted or arranged with another provider.
Data Backup Solution Recommend, install, and configure an easy, 100% reliable data backup solution. (Customer purchases the recommended hardware and software.)
System Reload Reload the operating system and/or software applications when not
New PC SetupSetup new PC for customer. Includes unpacking, loading O/S, connecting to a network, connecting and installing peripherals, configuring any software that came with the PC, and loading any new software.
 PC and Software training One-on-One personal training on popular software applications and computer basics.
 Monthly or Annual Support Plans Remote and on-site support for a pre-determined number of hours.