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Mission Statement:

To help businesses and individuals with their technology challenges so they can be more productive, profitable, and fulfilled in their business and personal life.

HelpMyOffice Owner
Owner: Jeff Copeland

HelpMyOffice is a vision that has been in my head for quite a number of years. I have had 35 years of experience in the IT industry and 40 years of computer experience overall. During that time I have done everything from supporting a 70-person department to application programming to managing and supporting company-wide systems to working with individuals and small-to-medium businesses.

My start with computers involved a Radio Shack TRS-80, an Apple II Color Computer, and a Kaypro II "portable" PC. By today's standards, you could not do much with those computers but they came in handy for high school papers and reports. That also was the beginning of my fascination with computers and technology.

Even though my undergraduate degree was not in the area of computers, I gravitated to using computers for anything and everything. Programming in BASIC, FORTRAN, and PASCAL seemed to come easily for me.  Applying that knowledge to school projects made it a fun hobby and tool.

After getting my undergraduate degree, I decided to pursue a Master's in Computer Information Systems. This launched my career as an IT Professional. There have been ups and downs over the years, but overall, I have benefited from the wide range of IT experiences as part of a large corporation. This experience has provided years of enjoyment, provided for my family, and gave me the business knowledge to launch HelpMyOffice and help others with their business.

My passion is to see others use computers and technology in a way that makes their personal and work life more productive and more enjoyable. I believe that God put us on this earth to learn how to become more like Him. He does not want us to be frustrated, unhappy people. Computers do that to a lot of people! Instead of being a tool of enjoyment, computers become a bane of existence for many. That's why I think helping others understand and use technology is the best way I can help fulfill the Great Commission.

I look forward to helping you with your business and technology needs!