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When trying to determine what type of web site you need and how many photos it will support, the size of the photos and the amount of web site storage space are the critical considerations. To help you determine, how large each photo will be (in megabytes), here's a web site that can provide a g...
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As a parent and a computer professional, I'm always looking for ways to protect my family from the darker side of the Internet while not preventing them from doing what they really need to do and not sucking up all the bandwidth of our Internet connection.  Over the years I have looked at many diffe...
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Web collaboration can save you and your business time (and maybe money). Do you need to find information, find people, find places, get directions, arrange a meeting, share documents, work with others in another location, be notified of changes, learn from expert opinions, have your information fol...
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Well...I recently helped one customer move from an older Windows XP laptop to a new Windows Vista laptop.  So far so good.  It did not have Windows Vista SP1 when he bought it from the store and Windows Update would not present him with the option to install SP1 because he had some .NET Framework se...
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Personal Password Management

How many website user names and passwords do you have?  If you are inundated with them like me and can never remember the password, try the Password Minder program by Keith Brown.  Install this nifty utility on your PC and only have to worry with one master password f...

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The computer operating system you use depends on a number of factors: 

  • Business or personal?
  • Individual or family? 
  • Computer speed, memory, and age
  • Budget
  • Technical savvy
  • Intended use and/or interests

The table below gives you a good start on deciding which one is right for you. 



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We've all heard of viruses and spyware but do we really understand the terms?  Here's some quick definitions and what you need to know to protect your computer and data.
  • Virus - A software program written to intentionally hurt, disable, or interfere with your computer.
  • Spyware - Software that ge...
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