Operating Systems - Which One?

07.26.2007 12:57 PM Comment(s) By Jeff

The computer operating system you use depends on a number of factors: 

  • Business or personal?
  • Individual or family? 
  • Computer speed, memory, and age
  • Budget
  • Technical savvy
  • Intended use and/or interests

The table below gives you a good start on deciding which one is right for you. 


Remember, you don't always have to have the "latest and greatest." Sometimes it pays to led others lead (or bleed) the way while you are being productive!




Primary Use

PC Speed / Memory

 Special Features


Windows Vista Ultimate

Power User  Multimedia  Gaming

Minimum 1 GHZ CPU, 1 GB Memory


$399 full

$259 upgrade

 Windows Vista Business


 Minimum 1 GHZ CPU, 1 GB Memory


$259 full

$199 upgrade 

Windows Vista Home Premium

Family / Gaming

 Minimum 1 GHZ CPU, 1 GB Memory


$218 full 

$149 upgrade

Windows Vista Basic

Family / General Home Use 

 Minimum 1 GHZ CPU, 512 MB Memory


 $199 full

$99 upgrade

Windows XP Professional


 Minimum 400 MHZ CPU, 256 MB Memory


$270 full

$99 upgrade 

Windows XP - Media Center Edition

 Home / Multimedia

 Minimum 1 GHZ CPU, 512 MB Memory


Only comes with a system. 

Windows XP Home Edition

General Home Use 

Minimum 233 MHZ CPU,128 MB Memory 


$189 full

$99 upgrade

Windows Home Server (Coming Soon!)

Home networking

 Minimum 1 GHZ CPU, 512 MB Memory

Manage users, manage and grow disk space, easy access to files, printers, and the Internet



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