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Business Services

If you are a small to medium business, you probably don't have full-time IT support but you do need a trusted technology adviser to keep your business running.

So what can HelpMyOffice do for you that the larger computer businesses cannot?

  • Offer personalized support and advice.
  • Be a partner you can trust.
  • Design and implement technology and business solutions based on 30+ years of IT experience.
  • Provide long-term support contracts that fit your business style and budget.
  • Provide computer support services that won't interfere with your normal business day and keep in mind that "maximum uptime" for you and your business is goal number one.
Please contact us for business rates and services. Charges for business services depend on the type of service required and the length of the project. A free, no-obligation consultation will help us understand your business needs and arrive at the right price for the services you need. We also provide "as-needed" PC support and advice for those times when you just need to keep the business running!
For your free consultation, contactus to schedule an appointment or put in a request through the HelpMyOffice Support Desk.

Examples of Business Services Provided

  • Technology Consulting
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Computer Setup, Troubleshooting, And Repair
  • Network Design And Security
  • Website Design and Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • IT Project Management
  • Data Protection
  • Business Application Consulting, Installation, and Configuration
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